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5 Tips for Eloping!

Well hey there!

Let me guess?? You're wanting to ditch on the big traditional wedding? You're wanting to get married cliff side, on the beach, or some other fun destination?! You're wanting to make your day specifically about you and your significant other?? If this sounds like you, then you're probably wanting to know how you can make it happen, right?!

Well, let me help you out! I have shot countless elopements, and I have 5 tips that will help make the planning so much easier. These tips will also make the day of run smoothly. So let's get into this!!

Tip 1

Make sure you THOROUGHLY research the area! Most locations (especially National Parks) have certain rules, or required permits. Some of those rules have specific spots where you can actually have the ceremony!

So make sure you research all of that. Also, as an elopement photographer, I provide help with planning them! This includes helping you research the area and making sure everything is in place.

Tip 2

Get a dress that's nice and loose and that flows well! Especially if you're wanting your elopement to involved hiking and adventuring with your new spouse. A tight dress will make it super uncomfortable and not as fun for you. Also! We love movement in pictures. When the dress flows nicely, it makes for some AMAZING pictures!

If you need help finding an affordable wedding dress, I have so many recommendations! A good place to start is: Lulus

They have tons of affordable dress options! Most of the time during an elopement, the dress tends to get a little dirty! All the adventuring ya know?! So it's definitely a good idea to spend less on a dress that you don't mind getting dirty in! Getting dirty makes for some awesome pictures! So just keep that in mind.

Tip 3

Plan some activities or things to do after your ceremony!

You don't need to plan anything major or super crazy, but something fun for you both to do! For example: you can go get some breakfast/lunch/dinner together. Or maybe some drinks at a bar. You can also go somewhere to have a picnic, or we can simply run around the beach together!

This keeps the celebration going for a lot longer, and then you can get even more pictures of your day!

Tip 4

This one might be a little obvious, but hire a photographer and/or a videographer!

If you're planning on NOT inviting family or friends, this is a great way to be able to show your family your day! Also, memories should be kept right?! Pictures are a GREAT way to be able to look back and reminisce on such a special day!

Tip 5

Don't just run away! Unless you totally want to!

But elopements are waaayy different than how they used to be. You're allowed to still "elope," but have all the details and everything planned out! In fact, I would highly recommend planning it all out so you can have the BEST experience possible.

An elopement is a great way for you to focus on the real reason for your special day, YOU. So make sure it's everything you want it to be!

I hope you find these tips useful in your planning process! I help you with all of this and more when you book me as your photographer! So if you'd like to chat more, send me a message here !

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