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5 places to take instagram worthy Engagement pictures in NYC

NYC, the concert jungle! There are so many unique and fun places to take pictures here! And listen, I know how important your engagement pictures are. That's why it's crucial to find the most perfect location, or locations! These are the images that will be sent out to all your close friends and families, so they need to be eye catching.

I'm about to give you 5 locations in NYC that will definitely make people stop in their tracks when they see them! I really hope that I can help eliminate at least one task for you, by assisting you in choosing your engagement location!

  1. Brooklyn (with all the cute Brownstones)

Brooklyn has some of the most aesthetic looking streets I have ever seen! They are known for their brick apartment buildings. Pictures down there look like something straight out of a movie! And don't you worry, I have provided evidence of just how aesthetic and cute your engagement pictures will look!

2. Brooklyn Bridge!

Brooklyn bridge is a CLASSIC! It has some amazing views of the city, and provides for some of the cutest pictures! It tends to be a little busy there though, so I'd definitely recommend doing a morning session if you are planning on doing pictures there! Waaaayyy less busy around that time. Take a look at these cute cute pictures!

3. Central Park

Central Park is a dream come true! Central Park is massive, which means there are endless options for picture spots! Including the Bethesda fountain, the Bethesda terrace, and so many other options. In the spring the greenery is gorgeous, and the FALL leave?? Yes please! Such a picturesque place. Look at how fun these pictures are!

2. Dumbo

Dumbo is such a fun part of Brooklyn! You have amazing views of the city, the bridge, etc. There's so many cool coffee shops, Jane's Carousel, the river walk! It's definitely a vibe, and the photo options are absolutely endless! If you're wanting Jane's Carousel, it is only $2, I'm JUST saying. And it makes for the cutest pictures!

5. Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station is chaotic, BUT a gem! I'd definitely recommend doing an early morning session here if you do plan on doing it. It can get extremely busy during the day! Mornings can be busy as well, but I've found it to be less busy early early morning than later in the day! The architecture inside is gorgeous, and makes for such beautiful pictures.

When it comes to NYC, you really can't go wrong! There are endless amounts of photo locations. Just be prepared for people to be in the background, but honestly there's nothing more New York than millions of people in your images.

I hope at least one of these locations speaks to you, and can bring you gorgeous pictures for such a special time in your life!

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