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10 Reasons why you Should Elope!

When it comes to planning a wedding, it's easy to get swept up in the idea of a big, traditional affair! I totally get it! I was once there. I ended up having the big, traditional wedding, and we so badly wish we would have done something much more simple! After all, weddings are one of the most anticipated events in a person's life, but with tradition comes a lot of stress, expense, and anxiety.

What if I were to tell you that there was a much better way to celebrate your love?! Well friends, there is! Here are 10 reasons why eloping may just be the better option:

  1. Less stress: One of the biggest advantages to eloping is the lack of stress that comes with planning a big wedding! With a more intimate ceremony, there are fewer details to worry about and fewer people to please! Take it from me, our wedding day ended up being about everyone else, instead of us!

2. More freedom: When you elope, you have the freedom to get married wherever and whenever you want! Whether it's on a mountaintop or on a beach at sunset, the options are ENDLESS!

3. Less pressure: With a big wedding comes pressure to impress guests and meet everyone's expectations. When you elope, the only expectations to meet are your own! Every big wedding I have done, the couple is always so worries about how happy everyone else is. When in reality, the day is supposed to about you two! And whether or not, YOU'RE happy.

4. More Intimate: Elopements are all about the intimacy between two people. You get to share this special moment with only your partner and the people you choose to invite! YES you can still invite people if you want!

5. More Romantic: With no distractions, and no one else to worry about, elopements are often considered to be more romantic than traditional weddings!

6. Less Expensive: Traditional weddings can be incredibly expensive! The average cost in the US coming in at over $30,000. By eloping, you can save money and put it towards other things like a honeymoon or a down payment on a house! And honey, I know in this economy, we all need a little extra money!

7. Less planning: Planning a traditional wedding can take months, if not YEARS. With elopements, you can plan in a matter of weeks or even days! Definitely depends on what you want to do, but it can be done a lot faster!

8. More flexible: Traditional weddings often have strict timelines and schedules to adhere to! When you elope, you have more freedom to create your own timeline and plan your day the way YOU want.

9. More adventurous: Eloping can be an adventure in and of itself. Whether it's traveling to a new location or doing something daring like getting married in a hot air balloon, elopements can add a sense of excitement to your wedding day!

10. More meaningful: At the end of the day, elopements are all about the meaning behind the ceremony! By choosing to elope, you can create a day that is truly meaningful to you and your partner.

While traditional weddings can be beautiful and memorable, eloping offers a unique set of advantages that may just make it the better option for you! Whether you're looking for more freedom, less stress, or simply a more intimate and meaningful ceremony, eloping may be the perfect choice for your special day!

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